Special Jobs For Various Industries

Specialized jobs in various industries entail roles such as Flat Pin for Comp Cord and 4 mm Terminal Block Screw Set operators. These positions cater to specific needs within manufacturing and electrical sectors. Flat Pins facilitate secure connections in electronic equipment, ensuring reliable power transmission. Similarly, 4 mm Terminal Blocks allow for organized wiring setups, enhancing efficiency and safety in electrical installations. These roles demand precision, technical expertise, and adherence to industry standards. Features include durable construction, ease of installation, and compatibility with specific equipment. Specialized job holders contribute to streamlined operations, improved productivity, and safety compliance within their industries.


Jam Electronics
A/36-4 GIDC Shankertekri, Udyognagar, Jamnagar.
Phone (O) 02882561460, 02882560076, (M) 9824224155
Contact Person : Mr. Krutarth Ashani (Diku)
Mobile No.:- 9824224155

Shyam Products
k-1/234 GIDC Shankertekri, Udyognagar, Jamnagar.
Phone (O) 02882561064 (Fax) 02882560409
(m) 9328020202
Contact person: Mr. Shyam Raithatha
Mobile No.:- 9328020202


For catalogue products marked with J please contact Jam Electronics Address & Numbers.
For catalogue products marked with S please contact Shyam Products Address & Numbers. .

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