Audio/Video Equipment

Audio/Video Equipment encompasses devices like EP Plug 3.5 mm, RCA Socket, and Cosmic Plug, often constructed from durable materials like plastic or stainless/mild steel. These components facilitate seamless connectivity and transmission of audio and video signals. EP Plug 3.5 mm is versatile for connecting headphones, speakers, and microphones, while RCA Sockets are commonly used in home theaters and multimedia systems. Cosmic Plugs offer high-quality connections for professional audio setups. Their benefits include enhanced sound and image quality, ease of use, and compatibility with various devices. These features make Audio/Video Equipment indispensable for entertainment, communication, and professional audiovisual usages.


Jam Electronics
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Phone (O) 02882561460, 02882560076, (M) 9824224155
Contact Person : Mr. Krutarth Ashani (Diku)
Mobile No.:- 9824224155

Shyam Products
k-1/234 GIDC Shankertekri, Udyognagar, Jamnagar.
Phone (O) 02882561064 (Fax) 02882560409
(m) 9328020202
Contact person: Mr. Shyam Raithatha
Mobile No.:- 9328020202


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